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The Food and Drink Song

Learn different food and drinks and many other useful words!


Posted on: 20 Mar. 2018
是不是 song!

 Remember the song about mayo and the sandwich!? (有没有)- well here is the follow up song, 是不是, and we find out about her good friend!

Posted on: 12 Mar. 2018
Pinyin Review

We can all read pinyin very well now, but there are still some tricky ones. Pratcice the sounds from this song for a quick review of pinyin! 


Posted on: 27 Feb. 2018
Uproar in Heaven (1964) - Full Movie

Happy Chinese New Year! This animated cartoon from 1964 is in Mandarin with English subtitles. Great watching if you're looking for a Chinese movie during the new year.


Posted on: 16 Feb. 2018
Year of the Dog Display

 Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. This display is at a famous building in Las Vegas.


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2018
The Story of Chinese New Year

Here is one of the stories about the origin of Chinese New Year.


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2018
Year of the Dog - Fun Facts

 This page can tell you all you need to know about the year of the dog. For example, which numbers, colours and even directions are lucky for people who were born in the year of the dog!


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2018
CHALLENGE! - The hardest Chinese character

This character is so big, it isn't even in the dictionary. It means a type of noodle from the city of Xi'an. Have a go at writing it a few times and take it in to impress your teacher!

This is a traditional character.


Posted on: 26 Jan. 2018
The Stinky Tofu Song

This song is so catchy and really fun! It helps us learn how to say 'want' and 'don't want' in Mandarin.


Posted on: 17 Jan. 2018
How to make a Chinese lantern!

 Check out this youtube link, which will show you how to make an awesome Chinese lantern!


Posted on: 8 Jan. 2018
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