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Christmas Songs...in Mandarin!

Lots of students have been asking to learn some Mandarin Christmas carols, so here are few you may recognize!


Posted on: 4 Dec. 2017
有没有 - A fun song to help us remember

Use this song to help you make sentences using "have" and "don't have".


Posted on: 30 Nov. 2017
Family Members

A fun song with cool animation to help us learn the family members. 


Posted on: 14 Nov. 2017
The elderly in China are amazing - check this out!

Incredible to see how flexible and strong these elderly people are! Check this out!


Posted on: 1 Nov. 2017
The hardest Chinese words!

In Shanghai, an ex-pat tests the local Chinese people their knowledge of some of the hardest characters to pronounce and write.  Hopefully this can give you some confidence the next time you think learning Chinese is tough!


Posted on: 13 Oct. 2017
Mid-Autumn Festival

It's Mid-Autumn Festival in China.  Here is the mythical story of Chang-E.


Posted on: 3 Oct. 2017


Posted on: 18 Aug. 2017


Posted on: 18 Aug. 2017
Watch this home-made Chinese rocket wheel

Amazing! Not sure they thought it was going to go that high!

Posted on: 25 Jun. 2017
Check out this Chinese magician controls these crazy Chinese fish!

Check out how this Chinese magician controls these crazy fish!


Posted on: 8 Jun. 2017
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