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Posted on: 22 May. 2017
Funny chinese videos - you've been framed

You've been framed - Chinese style!
... www.youtube.com/watch

Posted on: 22 May. 2017
A fantastic song to remind us why we are learning Chinese!

Chinese teacher at Brighton College, Thomas Godber, helps us remember why we love learning Chinese!


Posted on: 29 Mar. 2017
Funny Dan learns Chinese to impress his girlfriend

Check out 'Off the Great Wall's' latest video!


Posted on: 19 Mar. 2017
A fun way to learn fruits in Chinese!

Chosen by my daughter Clemmie, this is a great way to learn the main fruits in Chinese!



Posted on: 26 Feb. 2017
What a great song for remembering colours!

Listen to this great song for remembering the colours!www.youtube.com/watch

Posted on: 19 Feb. 2017
The 15 days of Chinese Year...

You might just recognise the song! Enjoy!


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2017
It's time to start celebrating Chinese New Year!

This is a wonderful tale which explains all the main points of Chinese New Year - Enjoy!


Posted on: 15 Jan. 2017
Amazing Beijing Fireworks- 2017!

Wow, check these fireworks out. Fireworks from the home of fireworks. China.


Posted on: 3 Jan. 2017
Chinese Dining Etiquette

Check out this video which will teach you about etiquette in China. Important if you want to be invited back!



Posted on: 30 Nov. 2016
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