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Check out the 3-year old on China's got talent!

 China HAS got talent! And at 3 years old! 



Posted on: 7 Apr. 2014
It's all about Chopsticks!

See how they feature in Chinese culture. A lovely view for all to enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soBtqb15s0A

Posted on: 24 Mar. 2014
Water Splashing Festival in Southwest China

Festivals are such big things in China, but do you there are many different tribes in China, still preserving their own traditional festivals? This water Splashing Festival is particularly famous from Southwest China!
#festival  #watersplashing  #southwestchina  #chinesetribes  #celebration

Posted on: 18 Nov. 2013

If you missed the last video we posted of the Mid-Autumn Festival, here's another short clip to let you know what it's all about!


Posted on: 20 Sep. 2013
Mid-Autumn Festival

September 19 is the date for celebrating their traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, check out some of the celebrations here:


Posted on: 11 Sep. 2013
Sounding Chinese?

Check out this video of a British woman who developed a Chinese-sounding accent after being rushed to hospital with a migraine.


Tags: Weird, voice

Posted on: 4 Sep. 2013
Dog or Lion?

An animal described as an 'African lion' at a Chinese zoo was exposed as a fraud - when the creature started barking in front of visitors...


Posted on: 30 Aug. 2013
Paris in China!

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is filled with grand European buildings and wide walkways - with their own Effiel Tower!


Tags: Buildings, construction

Posted on: 28 Aug. 2013
The 2 tigers...

A song to learn over the summer!

The famous song 'Two Tigers' 两只老虎.


Posted on: 6 Aug. 2013
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