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Making friends and drinking coffee

Watch this great video on making friends and drinking coffee, you will have learnt many of these words in your Elementary School Chinese books!


Tags: How to, drinks, introductions

Posted on: 27 Feb. 2013
What's for dinner tonight?

Watch a couple of Canadians sample some of the local delicacies in Beijing…


Tags: Food, Markets

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
How long is a piece of rope?

Our resident magician Paul, shows how you can make your piece of rope longer…you just need to know how!!


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Let's see Chinese primary school students sing in English!

Remember learning how to sing 'hokey cokey' in English? Well, it's time to see the Chinese do it!


Tags: Songs, How to

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Careful where you decide to walk in China!

This is the amazing story of the girl who fell down a hole in China and who was then rescued by a taxi driver.

Check it out!www.youtube.com/watch

Tags: Story

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Where did the balls go?

More wonderful magic from our Primary School Chinese magician Paul...


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Want to see the best coin magic trick every performed?

This is amazing. Watch this Chinese magician perform what we think is the best coin trick every performed!


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
The Chinese version of gangnam style!

Everyone's doing gangnam style! Check out the Chinese version!


Tags: Song, Craze

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
What a cool way to learn Chinese characters - check this out!

Check out this cool way to learn Chinese characters!
...then test yourself. Where did YOU come in the leaderboard?!


Tags: Characters, test

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
What's life like at a CHINESE primary school?

It's time to find out what life is like in a CHINESE primary school. See if you can spot the differences as well as the similarities in YOUR school day!

Tags: Life, Primary, School

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
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