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Lunar New Year Celebrations

Marking the last day of the lunar new year celebrations, Lantern Festival is all about the lights. Learn a song about the traditional festival in this elaborately lit-up performance.


Tags: Music, Festival, Celebrations

Posted on: 5 Mar. 2013
A song to help you

This song will help you in conversations whilst you are still learning...


Tags: Song, Beginner, How to

Posted on: 1 Mar. 2013
Making friends and drinking coffee

Watch this great video on making friends and drinking coffee, you will have learnt many of these words in your Elementary School Chinese books!


Tags: How to, drinks, introductions

Posted on: 27 Feb. 2013
What's for dinner tonight?

Watch a couple of Canadians sample some of the local delicacies in Beijing…


Tags: Food, Markets

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
How long is a piece of rope?

Our resident magician Paul, shows how you can make your piece of rope longer…you just need to know how!!


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Let's see Chinese primary school students sing in English!

Remember learning how to sing 'hokey cokey' in English? Well, it's time to see the Chinese do it!


Tags: Songs, How to

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Careful where you decide to walk in China!

This is the amazing story of the girl who fell down a hole in China and who was then rescued by a taxi driver.

Check it out!www.youtube.com/watch

Tags: Story

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Where did the balls go?

More wonderful magic from our Primary School Chinese magician Paul...


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
Want to see the best coin magic trick every performed?

This is amazing. Watch this Chinese magician perform what we think is the best coin trick every performed!


Tags: Magic

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
The Chinese version of gangnam style!

Everyone's doing gangnam style! Check out the Chinese version!


Tags: Song, Craze

Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
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