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The Great Wall of China - True of False?

So, let's find out more about the Great Wall...


#the Great Wall
#the Great Wall of China

Posted on: 17 Jun. 2016
22 facts about China that you did not know

See how many of these you know...

Posted on: 22 May. 2016
What's the difference between Mandarin spoken in China and Taiwan?

Here's the fantastic Fiona Tian explains the difeerence in her own colourful way!


Posted on: 5 May. 2016
Crazy shopping centre slide

Check out this cool way of getting from the top floor to the bottom floor in a shopping centre in Shanghai!


Posted on: 16 Mar. 2016
Kung Fu Panda 3 - The Preview!

Check out what that mad Panda is up to... the preview is available now!


#Kung Fu

Posted on: 7 Mar. 2016
Mark Zuckerberg wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese!

 Happy Chinese New Year to all of Facebook from Mark Z!


Posted on: 7 Feb. 2016
Celebrate the Year of the Monkey!

It's that crazy time again. Xinnian kuaile! Come celebrate Chinese New Year with the Year of the Monkey! Click on the link to learn more...


#Chinese New Year

Posted on: 4 Feb. 2016
Innovative parking in China

 The future for parking cars in Central London?



Posted on: 2 Jan. 2015
Harbin - City of Ice

Check out Harbin - minus 25 degrees the daily norm!



Posted on: 1 Jan. 2015
Cartoon of the Monkey King

 2016 is the year of the monkey.
Watch this cartoon about one of the stories of the most famous monkey of Chinese history!


Years of Monkey # Monkey King # 2016 Chinese New Year

Posted on: 2 Dec. 2015
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